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Visitors to the Welcome Center:


November 2013:  276

December 2013:  226

October 2013:  567

September 2013:  918

August 2013:  1,491

July 2013:  1,491

June 2013:  754

May 2013:  418

April 2013:  233

March 2013:  206

February 2013:  116

January 2013:  114

December 2013:  128

January 2104:  200

February 2014:  215

March 2014:  243

April 2014:  248

May 2014:  370

June 2014:  673

Executive Committee


Chamber Officers Elected


Mayor Paul Monette was elected President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at the chamber’s regular meeting of its board directors. Monette replaces Dan Coutu who served as the chamber’s leader for four years.

Other officers elected were Sarah Corrow as Vice President, Casey Rowell as Interim Treasurer and Kay Courson as Secretary.

“I’m honored to be president of the chamber as we work to improve benefits for our members,” Monette said, adding that “my goals include updating the web site and bylaws, and developing a strategic plan for the chamber.”

Lynne Bertrand, the Chamber’s executive director, said, “I’m very excited to work with the new executive team and the new committees as the Chamber continues with its commitment to our members and the exciting economic development changes coming to our community.”

The committees have already been established and are moving ahead on some key strategic objectives, Bertrand added. The chamber’s new committees include:


-  Web Site: The committee has established the criteria for a complete overhaul of the chamber’s web site and will be putting out a request for proposals soon.

Bylaws: The committee has begun reviewing the bylaws and rewriting them to best fit the chamber’s business needs. After an additional review by an attorney, the bylaw changes will be presented to the members for approval.

-  Finance and Budget Committee: The committee is reviewing all financial processes and reporting to create efficiencies and tools to better serve the board.

-  Fundraising: The committee is scheming up some fun ways to add to the chamber’s coffers. Stay tuned for more details.

In the past year the chamber has demonstrated that it is willing to experiment with new ideas. For example, they held the annual Business Expo at an unconventional location, the Newport State Airport. Not only was attendance up, but the chamber reports that it nearly doubled the number of participating vendor businesses.

And just recently as a part of Aquafest, the chamber debuted another hit. The Vermont 105 Amazing Race Challenge, modeled after the popular TV show, which had employees of participating businesses and residents cheering the teams on as they tried to decipher clues and complete their tasks in the fastest time.

Bertrand, who has been the executive director since Jan. 1, 2013, said, “We have a few other ideas up our sleeves that we believe will be of great value to our members.”

Wright's 11th Annual Fishing Derby
February 12th - 15th

Wright’s Enterprises will host its eleventh annual fishing derby February 12 through 15, spanning 23 lakes and ponds in the Northeast Kingdom and Franklin County. There is still time to register!

Wrights Prizes

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